Court Resurfacing by Sport Court® Houston

Court Resurfacing by Sport Court® Houston

Does your existing court need to be resurfaced? Upgrade your existing tennis court to a tennis court and multi-sport game court by Sport Court® Houston.

Sport Court® Houston installs the following types of tennis court surfaces:

PowerGameThe safest outdoor court in the world, PowerGame™ features the lowest skin abrasion of any outdoor court surface and is made of the highest quality materials and UV stabilizers to protect your investment.

SportGameSportGame™ is the advanced athletic surface technology for multi-sport play. The Patent Pending designs provides excellent traction and low abrasion for safe play at an affordable price.

SportDeckThe ideal surface for racquet sport players of all abilities, SportDeck™ retrofits over most hard surfaces and outlasts conventional acrylic courts. SportDeck™ provides excellent ball control and pace of play while reducing joint stress and fatigue.

Our surfaces provide safety for children and adults and offers high-performance for tennis players of all ages and skill levels. Our surfacing is an easy-on-the-joints, responsive surface on which to perfect your tennis game. Contact us today for a free consultation or on-site estimate.

Low MaintenanceNo resurfacing, repainting or need to squeegee water off of a Sport Court® Houston tennis court surface. The suspended, self-draining surface stays clean by allowing water dirt, and debris to drain through. Sport Court® surfacing will not flake, blister, or peel due to excessive water saturation.

CustomizedYou can help design your tennis court and multi-sport game court, choosing from a variety of colors to fit you!

Sport Court® Houston is the leader in tennis courts and tennis court resurfacing. Currently, Sport Court® Houston serves families and large facilities, building and installing tennis courts and multi-sport game courts in Houston and its surrounding areas.

Sport Court® is the official modular surface for the International Tennis Federation and the United States Tennis Federation.

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