Volleyball Courts by Sport Court® Houston

Indoor & Outdoor Volleyball Courts

Sport Court® Houston will work with you to create a custom volleyball court and color design that fits your experience: contemporary, official team or school colors, or traditional.  From inspiration to installation, they’ll work with you every step of the way. 

Multi-Court Backyard Volleyball

Whether you’re building an outdoor volleyball court for your family or renovating an indoor volleyball court for your facility,  our team will work with you to help meet your athletes’ specific needs.

With decades of experience and customizable templates, the experts at Sport Court Houston specialize home volleyball courts, courts for schools, parks and volleyball courts for community centers.


Indoor Court Flooring

By design, Sport Court modular flooring systems can be installed in a fraction of the time of other sports surfaces with little to no construction, allowing complete gym retrofits or backyard installations and renovations in just a few days.

Between the tough digs and elevation near the net, volleyball is a physical sport. Each Sport Court product is thoughtfully engineered and extensively tested to ensure youth and adults alike are safe while learning, practicing and competing on our sufaces.

Sport Court’s Lateral Forgiveness™ feature allows for slight movement between the tiles to absorb the transition forces generated from sudden shifts in direction, reducing the risk of muscle and joint injuries.


Sand Volleyball Courts by Sport Court® Houston

If volleyball is your sport, imagine practicing your serves and spikes, right on your outdoor sand volleyball court by Sport Court® Houston. We build sand volleyball courts for residential and commercial communities in Houston and its surrounding areas.

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About Sand Volleyball

Sand volleyball takes extra energy to play, but it can also really help you to increase your endurance and fitness level. Unlike indoor volleyball, sand volleyball is usually played using smaller teams, making the surface area you have to cover a lot further. Combined with that and the fact that sand is a more difficult surface on which to run and jump, the sand volleyball court generally requires higher fitness levels from its players.

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