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Bocce Ball Court Construction by Sport Court® Houston

Sport Court® Houston is trained in all facets of bocce ball court construction using components available in different parts of the world, including sandy loam to clay – from cedar to pine – and from oyster shells to sbr recycled rubber granules. Contact us today for a free consultation or on-site estimate.

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We proudly serve families in Houston and its surrounding areas, installing bocce ball courts.

Bocce Ball History

The only fact for sure is that bocce ball, a game that closely resembles bowling, is a game that is centuries old. Several descriptions with similarities can be found. One version of the history of bocce ball published by the Wonderful World of Bocce Association on their website is as follows: “The beginnings of the game of bocce are lost in the darkness of time. Traces of the game can be found among the early Egyptians, and graphic representations of figures tossing a ball or polished stone have been recorded as early as 5200 B.C. While modern day bocce ball bears little resemblance to these early findings, one thing is certain: that through its evolution the objective has been constant – try to come as close to a fixed target as possible. From this early objective, the basic rules of bocce ball were born.

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